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Math classes and competitions for elementary, middle, high school with problems, answers, scholarships

National Competitions
Name Grades Type When Where Money Awards Problems Answers
Math KangarooMath Kangaroo facebook 1-12 individual March testing sites problems
MATHCOUNTSMATHCOUNTS facebook 6-8 individual and team several times per year your school, state competition, national championship up to $20,000 scholarship problems problems
AMC-8AMC-8 8 and under individual November your school or various locations problems
AMC-10AMC-10 10 and under individual 2 in February your school problems
AMC-12AMC-12 12 and under individual 2 in February your school problems
Invitational Competitions (AIME, USAMO/USAJMO)Invitational Competitions (AIME, USAMO/USAJMO) 12 and under individual March, April problems
USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS)USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS)

free contest

6-12 individual 4 rounds per year home problems
Continental Mathematics LeagueContinental Mathematics League 2-12 individual and team several times per year your school
The Math LeagueThe Math League 4-12 team one or several times per year your school, Stanford problems
Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS)Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) facebook 4-8 team 5 monthly contests your school problems problems 1-12 individual and team several times per year local and state contests
American Regions Mathematics League (ARML)American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) 9-12 individual and team several per year local ARML-testing site, main-Penn State, the University of Georgia, the University of Iowa, UNLV problems problems problems problems 3-12 individual and team 4 per year your school problems
Mathnasium TriMathlonMathnasium TriMathlon 2-5 individual October Mathnasium center near you problems
Noetic Learning Math ContestNoetic Learning Math Contest facebook 2-8 individual and team November and April your school
Perennial MathPerennial Math facebook 3-12 individual and team different your school,home
Online Math LeagueOnline Math League 2-9 individual and team 3 per year your school, home problems
ABACUS International Math ChallengeABACUS International Math Challenge 3-8 individual 4 per year home problems
Purple Comet! Math Meet!Purple Comet! Math Meet! facebook 6-12 team April online problems
High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM)High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) 9-12 team 36 hours in October-November any place problems
Moody's Mega Math ChallengeMoody's Mega Math Challenge facebook

applied math modeling

11-12 team February any place $150,000 prize fund problems
National Internet Math Olympiad (NIMO)National Internet Math Olympiad (NIMO) facebook 12 and under individual and team several per year online problems
Mu Alpha Theta National ConventionMu Alpha Theta National Convention facebook 9-12 individual and team July different places problems
Log1 ContestLog1 Contest facebook 6-12 individual and team December, January, February registered school $271.82 to each of the top ten schools in each region problems
Rocket City Math LeagueRocket City Math League facebook 6-12 individual and team October, January, February, March registered school problems
Mu Alpha Theta Mathematical Minutes Video ContestMu Alpha Theta Mathematical Minutes Video Contest facebook 9-12 individual and team March online Up to $3,000 problems
Princeton University Mathematics Competition (PUMaC)Princeton University Mathematics Competition (PUMaC) facebook 9-12 individual and team November Princeton University problems
Stanford Math Tournament (SMT)Stanford Math Tournament (SMT) facebook 12 and under individual and team February Stanford University problems
Math Prize for GirlsMath Prize for Girls facebook 9-12 individual September MIT, Cambridge $50,000 including a $25,000 prize for first place problems problems
KSEA National Math and Science CompetitionKSEA National Math and Science Competition 3-11 individual April testing sites round trip ticket to Korea
National Assessment & TestingNational Assessment & Testing facebook 1-12 team various your school
International Math BeeInternational Math Bee facebook

100% cost-free for schools and students

1-6 individual and team January-May online, national and international championship
The Archimedean ChallengeThe Archimedean Challenge 12 and under individual any time home problems
SIGMA Mathematics LeagueSIGMA Mathematics League 6-9 individual and team 5 per year your school problems problems problems problems
Math-O-VisionMath-O-Vision facebook

math movie contest

8-12 individual and team any time submit before April up to $3,000 problems
Mandelbrot - Greater Testing ConceptsMandelbrot - Greater Testing Concepts 6-12 individual and team 3 or 5 rounds per year registered schools problems
MathCONMathCON 5-12 individual and team online competition: January - March, finals: April online, finals - Chicago iPad mini, up to $200
Siemens CompetitionSiemens Competition

research projects competition

9-12 individual and team September your school, home scholarships $1,000-$100,000
MathWorks Math Modeling (M3)MathWorks Math Modeling (M3) 11-12 team February-March online scholarship prizes $1000-$20,000
ASMA (American Scholastic Mathematics Competition)ASMA (American Scholastic Mathematics Competition) 6-12 team 6 rounds per year your school
NTID Math CompetitionNTID Math Competition

for deaf or hard of hearing students

6-8 individual and team April Rochester Institute of Technology, NY individual-up to $100,team-up to $300 problems
The Math Game (Who Wants to Be a Mathematician)The Math Game (Who Wants to Be a Mathematician) 6-12 individual and team several rounds first rounds - your school, finals- different up to $5,000 for winner, up to $5,000 for school problems
Trig-Star ContestTrig-Star Contest 9-12 individual school, national level up to $2,000 problems problems problems problems problems
Atlantic Pacific Math LeagueAtlantic Pacific Math League


1-12 team 6 per year, November-April school problems problems problems
National Number KnockoutNational Number Knockout facebook 3-8 individual May Orlando $10,000
Statistics Poster Competition and Project CompetitionStatistics Poster Competition and Project Competition K-12 individual and team online, school, national level up to $300
The Online ZIML Math CompetitionThe Online ZIML Math Competition 6-12 individual online up to $100 Areteem Scholarship
Beestar National Competition (BNC)Beestar National Competition (BNC) facebook 2-8 individual March and October online problems
International Math ContestInternational Math Contest facebook

free contest

3-8 individual February, April und - first roonline, final round - RSM school near you problems problems problems
JEI Math OlympiadJEI Math Olympiad facebook 1-8 individual March JEI centers Up to $1,000 and an iPad Air
HighFour CompetitionsHighFour Competitions 4-12 individual and team monthly, ten times per school year, from September to June online problems
Girls' Adventures in Math (GAIM)Girls' Adventures in Math (GAIM) facebook 3-8 team April online problems

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